Slide Staining Plate - Immunohistochemical

The size of the slide staining plate is 38x24x4.5cm, which can accommodate 20 slides at the same time. The unique design can save you a lot of waste time in the dyeing process, reduce your workload. There is no need to transfer to other dry film boards and the lid design guarantees the safety of the slides during transportation. Especially suitable for manual operations.

Slide Staining Plate - Immunohistochemical

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Why Choose Our Microscope Slides

All MeVid ColorCode microscope slides on one side of a head with a color coating of the writing surface, the length of the color coating of the writing surface is 20mm.

Resistant to almost all commonly used laboratory chemical reagents and dyes.

MeVid Products Features

  • Ideal product for the market

    Color coating surface can be used for the traditional label identification method, can also be used 2B pencil and designated marker to do identification.

  • The best choice

    Microscope slides with beveled edges are highly recommended for insuring optimizes safety during manual operations.

  • Technical Center & Patent Certificate

    The submitted test report of the above products have been received and found to be in accordance with the relevant standard requirement.

  • Mevid employee training

    A2019 Mevid employee training

  • ColorCode Plus Adhesion Slides

    AMeVid ColorCode Plus Adhesion slides are loaded with a permanent strong positive charge which reliably tightens tissue sections and cells to the glass slide.

  • Mevid's achievement in 2018 Autumn CMEF

    AFrom October 29th to November 4th, 2018, Mevid participated the Shenzhen 2018 CMEF exhibition and it is a complete success!

  • ColorCode AdStar Microscope Slides

    AThe MeVid ColorCode AdStar microscope slide features outstanding adhesion-ability & ideal hydrophilic surface, which enable and assure its extraordinary performance in automatic IHC staining with the Roche Ventana automated IHC Stainer.

  • Paraffin section technology

    AThe basic process of paraffin sectioning method is to first wash, dehydrate (with increasing concentration of ethanol, etc.), transparently (with xylene, etc.), soak wax (with Paraffin)

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72pcs/box, 1440pcs/carton

* Can also provide other customized color coatings according to demand.

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MeVid's achievement in 2018 Autumn CMEF!

From October 29th to November 4th 2018, MeVid participated in Shenzhen 2018 CMEF exhibition with great success! During the exhibition, customers from all over the world visited MeVid’s Booth and showed deep interest in our products. Pathology experts and agent dealers visited our booth.